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    [Book] Computer Architecture A Quantitative Approach 5th (2011)

    Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Quantitative Design and Analysis 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 Classes of Computers 5 1.3 Defining Computer Architecture 11 1.4 Trends in Technology 17 1.5 Trends in Power and Energy in Integrated Circuits 21 1.6 Trends in Cost 27 1.7 Dependability 33 1.8 Measuring, Reporting...
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    chia se good book ve FPGA design. Enjoy
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    chia sẻ Verilog code bộ mã hóa AES-128
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    [Slide] Introduction to SystemVerilog for Testbench

    Link :
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    [Book] chia sẻ book SystemVerilog for Verification 3rd Edition

    Chapter 1, Verification Guidelines. Chapter 2, Data Types. Chapter 3, Procedural Statements and Routines. Chapter 4, Connecting the Testbench and Design. Chapter 5, Basic OOP . Chapter 6, Randomization . Chapter 7, Threads and Interprocess Communication. Chapter 8, Advanced OOP and...
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    chia sẻ project ARM AHB Lite interconnect.

    Chia sẻ cho các bạn đam mê thiết kế chip dự án design AHB-Lite Multi-layer Interconnect . Download : document, RTL code, testbecnh o link sau
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    [MIT Lecture] Hardware Architectures for Deep Neural Networks

    Outlines : . Overview of Deep Neural Networks • DNN Development Resources • Survey of DNN Computation • DNN Accelerators • Network Optimizations • Benchmarking Metrics for Evaluation • DNN Training...
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    Chia sẻ khóa học ECE 4750 Computer Architecture Course 2016 [Cornell University]
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    Chia sẻ cadence IC614 Virtual Machine cho Analog Design

    Installed on this VM: IC614 MMSIM7 Calibre 2011 ADS2011 (with dynamic link with cadence ) Sonnet 14 -tsmc130nm design kit -operating system is centos 6.4 -Link : -cách sài ...
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    [Book] RTL Design Style Guide For Verilog HDL

    The RTL Design Style Guide book is organized into the following chapters: Chapter 1, Basic Design Constraints, describes general design restrictions you should consider before you begin your design, such as naming conventions, design styles, clocking schemes, synchronous and asynchronous design...